Charles James is an inspiration to 2 Section, and their charismatic leader, Captain James is a brilliant officer and an army man to the core.

Series 1Edit

So much so that he has volunteered for a fourth tour of service in Afghanistan; indeed, he’s happiest when he’s in the field of duty leading his men.

He firmly believes in army rules and regulations and lives his life by them.

At first, Molly’s outspoken attitude challenges everything he believes, and he worries whether she’ll make the grade. But her bravery and sparkiness soon mark her out as someone special.

It’s against all protocol for Captain James to have any feelings for those under his command. But is love stronger than army regulations?

Series 2Edit

He’s an army man to the core. He is totally committed to his work, a consummate professional; he has the respect of everyone he works with.

A bit of a renaissance man, James is loved by all the men who fight alongside him. He always maintains clear boundaries between fun and work; that is until he met and fell in love with army medic, Molly Dawes while on tour in Afghanistan. She taught him more than he ever imagined. Molly and Charles reunite after she returns from her second tour in Afghanistan and they eventually marry and at some point, Molly meets Elvis, Charles' best mate, and possibly best man, as well as Georgie. But after recovering from his injuries back home in Bath, James is back taking charge of a platoon in Kenya, while Molly leads medic training in Afghanistan. Some of the 2 Section group members, especially Fingers, like to take the mickey out of Charles for dating and later marrying Molly, who was their medic during her first tour.